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Welcome To LaLa Bean
    Entertainment Group,  LLC

My name is Thomas Long and I am the founder of LaLa Bean Entertainment Group.  I am a multi-instrumentalist playing bass guitar and keyboards.  I have toured internationally throughout France as a gospel musician as well as playing locally in churches and jazz events.  LaLa Bean Entertainment Group is your, "Gate Way To All Things Musical."  We are divided into several groups:  Live Entertainment Group, Instructional Group and Marketing and Advertising Group. 

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You are entering the "Gateway To All Things Musical."  Please explore our many divisions and discover the ways we can help you meet your business or personal needs. 

My Story

My love for music began as a teenager watching my uncle Abraham Clark play keyboards in a band.  When he upgraded his equipment, I would usually get the pass down.  I remember getting a keyboard, with what seemed to be thousands of knobs and buttons on it, and wanting to play in his footsteps.  I later played bass in a high school talent show where we came in second place.  As I got close to finishing high school, a friend of my, Rod Harris, was playing in a gospel group, but he was getting ready to go to Army Basic Training.  The group needed a bass player, and although I only knew a few songs, I traveled with them throughout Alabama and Georgia playing bass in Rods place.  I played for them for about four months until I went to boot camp myself.  While in the Navy, I got away from playing music for several years until taking piano lessons and later picking up the bass.  I love playing jazz and gospel music and look forward to helping others with getting their music careers off the ground.  I have met some phenomenal musicians over the years and look forward to introducing Pensacola to a world of jazz and gospel music.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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